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Nutrition counseling for Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Personalized meal plan for people with Hashimoto's thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism and digestive problems

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Healthy eating should be simple, especially now that we have easy access to the latest studies.

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It's technically simple to eat healthy.


But let's be honest, it turns out much more complicated than it seems. 


Especially when you have thyroid problems.


If you do a simple Google search "Hashimoto's thyroiditis and diet" you will receive a huge amount of information where mainly they will tell you to remove certain foods, eat only organic products and that you need to follow a certain diet.

Hashimoto's thyroiditis is frustrating and debilitating!
Treatments for Hashimoto's thyroiditis exist but unfortunately they are not sufficient to eliminate the symptoms.
Hashimoto's thyroiditis usually occurs between the ages of 30 and 50
- in this case the body begins to develop antibodies that attack the thyroid itself.
The thyroid at this point fails to produce the thyroid hormones necessary for proper functioning.

Let yourself be helped by proper nutrition.


Food can be both your best friend and your greatest enemy.


Have you ever felt / or tired / or after a meal of vegetables? Didn't you tell yourself "I only ate vegetables" and besides being swollen / or I'm very tired / o!?


Have you ever eaten something "for the throat" but then immediately felt a sense of nausea? 


Have you by any chance read a thousand articles about nutrition and Hashimoto's thyroiditis but in the end what you got was a great sense of confusion? 


There is a lot of misleading information regarding Hashimoto's thyroiditis and inflammation. A healthy and balanced diet is beneficial for your health. 

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I can't promise you that changing your diet will magically make all your symptoms disappear. Unfortunately there is no cure for Hashimoto's thyroiditis because it is an autoimmune disease. 


But I can guarantee you that a healthy lifestyle and personalized nutrition for your needs will have great physical and mental benefits. It will also help you improve digestion and reduce intestinal symptoms. 


We will take care of your body at 360 degrees. We will not leave out any symptom that may seem negligible. I will be here to support you in your moments of difficulty and you will never feel alone. 

Inflammation, mostly caused by food, can destroy "the walls of your house" before you even build it.

A personalized and optimized food plan has made the difference in many people. 


There is a way to eat healthy for Hashimoto's thyroiditis that does not involve major limitations, micro and macro nutrient deficiencies or require hours of preparation in the kitchen.  


Build healthy habits for a better life.


Cutting out certain foods and taking supplements won't cure thyroiditis, but following a thyroid-friendly diet can support your medical treatment and make you feel better!

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I'm Dr. Sara D'Imperio.


I am a biologist and qualified nutritionist. I have several patients who unfortunately suffer from thyroiditis, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, hypothyroidism, hyperthyroidism, Graves' hyperthyroidism and thanks to my experience I can help you!


Even if nutrition cannot cure thyroiditis, thanks to my experience I have discovered that it can bring great benefits and minimize the symptoms of tiredness, swelling and intestinal dysbiosis. I share anti-inflammatory recipes, a method for planning meals for the week, articles and science-based knowledge. I strongly believe that a healthy and balanced approach can put us at ease as much as possible and make us more bitter about ourselves. 


I consigli nutrizionali che hai sempre desiderato di avere!

Un piano alimentare personalizzato ed tiroidite-friendly apposta per te!

Gestione sindrome del colon irritabile (IBS)

Understanding which foods contribute to worsening your symptoms. We test foods in a systematic and organized way to understand if they ARE WORSENING your symptoms.

Learn how to tailor an anti-inflammatory meal plan, limiting your habits as little as possible in order to maintain the PLEASURE in eating.

I will help you eliminate some of the bad eating habits that you have learned over the years.

You will learn so much about nutrition and your own needs that there is no longer any danger that a friend of a friend will influence you in a negative way.

Improve your strategy for minimize gastrointestinal problems(bloating, bloating, intestinal motility)

Avoid senseless restrictions and unnecessary elimination of certain foods

Learn to manage emotions when you go wrong and learn simple steps to always love yourself. 

Improve your strategy to eat when you don't feel well.  

Support thyroid functions

Maintaining or losing weight 

Reducing some of the symptoms 

Topics we will cover together

We will focus on the areas of greatest concern for your thyroiditis

Nutritional analysis 

Fatigue, bloating, sadness, difficulty sleeping are all common symptoms for those with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. It can make it difficult to get all the micro and macro nutrients our body needs. 

A nutritional analysis will give me the opportunity to better understand if you have the necessary vitamin and mineral intake. 

The basics of nutrition

Based on my experience and the first interview with you, I will offer you the best advice for a healthy and balanced diet

Intestinal dysbiosis management

Scientific research has shown that people with thyroiditis, both Hashimoto's and Grave's, suffer from intestinal dysbiosis. If you suffer from intestinal bloating, bloating, constipation, or have any intestinal symptoms, with a healthy diet and all the necessary information you will learn how to manage these symptoms

Love yourself

You have to love yourself. If you are too self-critical, especially when you feel too tired to do anything and don't feel that productive, you will only make your situation worse both physically and mentally. I will help you manage the stress you accumulate. 

Connect with your body 

You will learn to connect and listen to your body.You will understand what really does you good or bad or simply what you need. 

Each person requires a different approach to managing thyroiditis.

This also includes nutrition. I will ask you to mark it in a notebook or directly on your mobile phone, every time you feel sick, swollen, depressed and I will also ask you to write down what you ate in the vicinity of that emotion. 

Food and Symptoms Journal 


Why do I need a nutritional consultation?


If you suffer from Hashimoto's thyroiditis and/or hypothyroidism, your diet has a big impact on the manifestation of symptoms. Changing your diet and focusing it more on the care of your thyroid can help keep symptoms under control. 


Many patients turn to the nutritionist to lose weight. One of the major symptoms of hypothyroidism is weight gain. It is possible to develop a food plan with the double objective: to support the thyroid and lose weight. 


Does diet help treat Hashimoto's thyroiditis?


Of course! An incorrect diet can cause an increase in intestinal permeability, transform chronic inflammation and increase the production of anti-TPO and TG antibodies. Following a personalized diet for your problems can help relieve most symptoms and keep them under control. 


Do I need to have medical documents for the visit?


Yes. To develop the personalized nutritional plan in the best possible way, I need to have a copy of the most recent blood tests, a diagnosis report of established pathologies and any medical document that can best help the development of the nutritional plan.

Come funziona?

Step 1:I recommend one 15 minute introduction callto understand if I'm really the right person for you. This call will help us get the first impression and will help you understand if you want to take this journey with me. 


Step 2:If we both decide we're okay, I'll ask you to fill out the Privacy form.


Step 3:During our first appointment of about 75 minutes, I will try to understand as much as possible your person and your needs. After the first appointment, I will develop a personalized nutrition plan that best meets your needs


Step 4:You will receive the nutritional plan after about a week and I will ask you for 15 minutes of your time to view it together. I will explain why I structured it in that particular way and I will answer any of your doubts or questions. 


Step 5: After two weeks of receiving the nutritional plan I will contact you and we will evaluate together whether to make some changes to your nutrition plan.


Step 6: If you are happy and satisfied, you're ready for thefollow up visit!

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