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Real Stories, Real Results: The Experiences of My Patients

I am truly delighted to share the positive experiences of my patients, who have chosen to improve their health through personalized nutrition. These testimonials are a testament to their hard work, commitment, and dedication, as well as to my goal-oriented and long-term wellness approach. Their words speak for themselves.

What brings me the most joy is seeing my patients smile, feel fit, and achieve their health goals. This page is dedicated to the real stories of my patients, who have kindly shared their transformative journeys with me. Here, you will find heartfelt and inspiring testimonials that demonstrate how, together, we can achieve tangible results. I invite you to read these stories, and I hope they will inspire you as much as they inspire me every day. Your well-being is my top priority

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Dr. Sara D'Imperio

Sara D'Imperio as a qualified nutritionist biologist helps clients in the Novara, Borgomanero and province areas to live life in a healthier way. In addition to his doctorate in biochemistry, he obtained two masters in nutrition.

Provides nutritional advice for:

  • Children 

  • Families

  • Adults

 To make an appointment with Sara, contact her online or call her +393457404660     

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