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Genetic tests and nutrition


If there is one thing that decades of nutrition research have taught us, it is that there is no one universal diet that is one size fits all .
It is clear that our health is affected by multiple factors, and one of the reasons why some diets work better for one person than another may have to do with our genes.

Dr. D'Imperio, a qualified nutrition biologist in Novara and Borgomanero believes that nutrigenetics is very fascinating, an emerging science that uses genetic testing to determine the correlation between genes, nutrition and health.

Genetic testing and nutrition: the information gathered through genetic testing is used to develop the ideal diet for each individual.
Here is a brief introduction to nutrigenetics, what to expect if you want to try it, and how it can shape the future of personalized nutrition plans.

Genetic tests, personalized


Taking a genetic test for more comprehensive nutritional advice may seem a little over the top.
Doing a genetic test just to find out if I should eat fewer carbohydrates or get more vitamin C?

However, as part of a more focused nutritional approach, nutrigenetics can shed light on some problems that a patient's simple medical history cannot highlight .

This can give an explanation to many situations, from the predisposition to develop cardiovascular diseases (eg.  Brugada syndrome ) to why you are not losing weight despite trying everything.

A genetic test can help you understand in detail why there are certain problems in a particular patient, and therefore allow you to develop a food plan that can do more for you.

Looking at the results of a genetic test, the specialized nutritionist Sara D'Imperio may be able to advise or advise against certain eating habits that could benefit or harm your health.

For example, certain genetic mutations may suggest that your body is not particularly predisposed to a vegan or ketogenic diet due to your genetic predisposition.

A genetic test can also reveal what may be the best sources of macro or micronutrients in your specific case.
Your body may not be able to optimally metabolize Omega 3 from plant sources or has difficulty synthesizing into vitamin D from sun exposure. 

With these data, a qualified nutritionist like Sara can show you which foods are most useful for your health or which supplements can do the most for you.

Another scenario that can manifest itself in a genetic test is the predisposition to develop a certain pathology.

It has been scientifically proven that cardiovascular diseases such as Brugada syndrome , diabetes, obesity and Hashimoto's thyroiditis can be related to genetic mutations and can be prevented or countered with targeted nutritional strategies.
All this valuable information provided by genetic tests can help you make preventive choices in order to mitigate the risk of developing certain diseases through diet!

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Are you interested in receiving a nutrition plan developed with the support of a genetic test but don't know what to expect?

Getting nutritional counseling with the support of genetic testing is not complicated at all.

The meeting with Sara, a nutrition biologist specialized in Novara and Borgomanero, begins with a series of targeted questions about your medical history, routines, preferences and allergies, so that she can have a complete picture of your state of health, the history of your family and your current and past lifestyle.


The genetic test consists of a salivary swab that can be done comfortably at home . Normally a genetic test can take 80 to 150 genes or more into account and is very simple to perform.

For the execution of genetic tests I collaborate with the renowned company  Fanchiott I Pharmacy in Novara.

If further questions arise despite the results, the genetic test may be followed by blood tests prescribed by your GP.

Once the results are received, Dr. D'imperio will analyze them and work with you to develop a highly personalized nutritional plan to improve your lifestyle and your nutrition.

Contact Sara now for more specific information

Nutrigenetics: tests


Despite extensive research on the correlation between genetics, nutrition and health, nutrigenetics is still a relatively new science; there is still a lot to learn and to discover.

Genetic testing should not be used alone  - it is essential to also take into consideration the lifestyle, clinical history, state of health, personal preferences, the patient's propensity to want to change and his goals.

That's not to say that genetic testing isn't a huge help when it comes to nutrition counseling.


We just have to be honest and recognize that genetic testing won't solve any mystery, and that genes are just one of the many factors that can affect our health and food choices.

Nutritional counseling with genetic testing



Come prima cosa e' fondamentale prendere un appuntamento con la Dott.ssa D'Imperio per una prima visita di modo che possa conoscere più approfonditamente quali sono le vostre esigenze e capire quale test genetico sia meglio eseguire in base alla vostra storia clinica recente e passata, individuale e famigliare. L'appuntamento può avvenire in persona nei suoi studi di Novara o Borgomanero oppure comodamente online


For the execution of genetic tests I collaborate with the renowned Fanchiotti Pharmacy in Novara. The genetic test is not invasive at all as it is obtained by rubbing a simple swab inside the cheek . It will provide specific information regarding the functioning of your body. It can be done in person in the pharmacy or comfortably at home where you will receive the special kit to perform the DNA sampling independently. You will be contacted once the results have been received


Genetic test results are usually obtained within 3 weeks. Once received, Dr. D'Imperio will evaluate them specifically with you during a check-up visit that can be held in person or online. Thanks to the invaluable data provided by the tests , as a qualified nutritionist, Sara will be able to develop a highly personalized nutritional plan tailor-made for you. 

A collaboration between professionals

Farmacia Fanchiotti was born from the passion and dedication of Dr. Albina Pastomerlo , carried on today by her son , Dr. Franco Fanchiotti , and her niece Dr. Lucia Fanchiotti .
A tradition made of competence, cordiality and smiles, which every day welcome customers to the headquarters in via Andrea Costa in Novara .
The Fanchiotti Pharmacy makes use of the collaboration of specialists in various sectors, to answer your questions and advise you in the purchase of products and services suitable for your needs.

Nutrition and genetic testing


Each of us is different, not just physically. It is even more so on a genetic level. Although nutrigenetics is a science that has yet to be discovered and is still trying to  earning trust globally, many professionals like Sara firmly believe this is the future of nutrition counseling.

As a comprehensive part of the nutritional philosophy that looks at the person as a whole, nutrigenetics can help patients overcome obstacles that other types of approaches have not been able to overcome.

The more our approach to nutrition is individual and personalized, the better the results.

Sara offers in-person nutritional consultations in her studio in Novara 
as well as online throughout the country

In times like this it is increasingly difficult to find a free moment to meet with an expert. Sara can conduct your first nutrition visit online from the comfort of your home.

You don't have to risk your health to start eating better

Call her now for more information or book your first visit directly online

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