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Nutrition plan Hashimoto's thyroiditis

Specific nutrition plan for Hashimoto's thyroiditis

  • 1 or 30 minuti
  • 150 euro
  • Online

Descrizione del servizio

Topics we will cover together Nutritional analysis  Fatigue, bloating, sadness, difficulty sleeping are all common symptoms for those with Hashimoto's thyroiditis. It can make it difficult to get all the micro and macro nutrients our body needs.  A nutritional analysis will give me the opportunity to better understand if you have the necessary vitamin and mineral intake.  The Basics Nutrition  Based on my experience and the first interview with you, I will offer you the best advice for a healthy and balanced diet Intestinal dysbiosis management  Scientific research has shown that people with thyroiditis, both Hashimoto's and Grave's, suffer from intestinal dysbiosis. If you suffer from intestinal bloating, bloating, constipation, or have any intestinal symptoms, with a healthy diet and all the necessary information you will learn how to manage these symptoms Love yourself You have to love yourself. If you are too self-critical, especially when you feel too tired to do anything and don't feel that productive, you will only make your situation worse both physically and mentally. I will help you manage the stress you accumulate.  Connect with your body  You will learn to connect and listen to your body. You will understand what really does you good or bad or simply what you need.  Food Journal How does it work? Step 1: I recommend a 15 minute introductory call to understand if I'm really the right person for you. This call will help us get the first impression and will help you understand if you want to take this journey with me.  Step 2: If we both decide we're okay, I'll ask you to fill out the Privacy form Step 3: During our first appointment of approximately 75 minutes, I will try to understand as much about you and your needs as possible. After the first appointment, I will develop a personalized nutrition plan that best meets your needs Step 4: You will receive the nutritional plan after about a week and I will ask you for 15 minutes of your time to view it together. I will explain why I structured it in that particular way and I will answer any of your doubts or questions.  Step 5: Two weeks after receiving the nutritional plan, I will contact you and together we will evaluate whether to make any changes to your nutritional plan Step 6: If you're happy and satisfied, you're ready for the follow-up visit!

Regole di annullamento

Eventuali cambi o disdette devono essere comunicati entro 24 ore dalla visita, in caso contrario verrà FATTURATA. Le singole sedute vanno pagate in sede se tenute di persona una volta concluse e anticipatamente se tenute online. Se le sedute prenotate online vengo cancellate con meno di 24 ore di anticipo NON verranno rimborsate.


  • Baluardo Partigiani, 2, Novara, NO, Italia


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