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Specific endometriosis nutrition plan

Specific nutrition plan for endometriosis

  • 1 or 30 minuti
  • 150 euro
  • Online

Descrizione del servizio

What does it include? First visit (90 mins) Personalized nutrition plan Support for 45 days General tips for everyday life Endometriosis Advice  Understand which foods contribute to endometriosis symptoms. We test foods in a systematic and organized way to understand if they are worsening your symptoms. Learn how to adapt an anti-inflammatory food plan, limiting your habits as little as possible in order to keep the PLEASURE in eating. I'll help you eliminate some of the unhealthy eating habits you've learned over the years. You will learn so much about nutrition and your own needs that there will be no more danger that a friend of a friend will influence you in a negative way.  Improve your strategy to minimize gastrointestinal problems (bloating, bloating, intestinal motility) Improve your eating strategy when you feel nauseous and vomiting.  Avoid senseless restrictions and unnecessary elimination of certain foods Learn to manage emotions when you go wrong and learn simple steps to always love yourself.  How does it work? Step 1: I recommend a 15 minute introductory call to understand if I'm really the right person for you. This call will help us get the first impression and will help you understand if you want to take this journey with me.  Step 2: If we both decide we're okay, I'll ask you to fill out the Privacy Form Step 3: During our first appointment of approximately 90 minutes, I will try to understand as much about you and your needs as possible. After the first appointment, I will develop a personalized nutrition plan that best meets your needs Step 4: You will receive the nutritional plan after about a week and I will ask you for 15 minutes of your time to view it together. I will explain why I structured it in that particular way and I will answer any of your doubts or questions.  Step 5: Two weeks after receiving the nutritional plan, I will contact you and together we will evaluate whether to make any changes to your nutritional plan Step 6: If you're happy and satisfied, you're ready for the follow-up visit!

Regole di annullamento

Eventuali cambi o disdette devono essere comunicati entro 24 ore dalla visita, in caso contrario verrà FATTURATA. Le singole sedute vanno pagate in sede se tenute di persona una volta concluse e anticipatamente se tenute online. Se le sedute prenotate online vengo cancellate con meno di 24 ore di anticipo NON verranno rimborsate.


  • Baluardo Partigiani, 2, Novara, NO, Italia


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