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First appointment no nutritional plan

First appointment without nutritional plan

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  • 120 euro
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Descrizione del servizio

What you will receive during the first appointment: ✓  60 min nutritional counseling ✓  Who is this plan for? This plan is ideal for those who require only small adjustments and need some advice or clarification without requiring a personalized nutritional plan ✓  Detailed analysis of your eating habits  ✓  Dr. D'Imperio will show you where it is best to intervene to change your eating habits and why ✓  Specific advice on which foods to take ✓  Advice on which healthy foods to prefer ✓  Advice on which supplements or vitamins to take if needed

Regole di annullamento

Eventuali cambi o disdette devono essere comunicati entro 24 ore dalla visita, in caso contrario verrà FATTURATA. Le singole sedute vanno pagate in sede se tenute di persona una volta concluse e anticipatamente se tenute online. Se le sedute prenotate online vengo cancellate con meno di 24 ore di anticipo NON verranno rimborsate.


  • Baluardo Partigiani, 2, Novara, NO, Italia